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Mr. Cochran… I was very impressed by the quality of care I received at your facility during my visits there. You and your staff personified the epitome of professionalism in the arena of health care. I was treated with sublime care and compassion and experienced absolutely no pain or adversity.

Your staff members were extremely friendly and courteous while making a Herculean effort to be very effective in the care they administered. That effort was certainly fruitful. The level of my pain has been on a constant decline since my first visit. This is due to very professional actions of your staff in the performance of their duties.

Mr. Cochran, let me reiterate my complete satisfaction with the care I received at your facility. Your staff members are certainly to be commended for the quality of and method in which care and kindness are abundantly administered. Their work ethics are almost unchallenged by today’s standards. These young people also display moral and ethical standards that are very admirable and qualify them as role models by any standards. My back is much better so, in good conscience, I think it time for me to suspend the physical therapy until it is need again. May God richly bless you and all of your efforts.

Dear Billy & Staff of CARE Physical Therapy

I can’t thank you all enough for all you’ve done for me. When I first came to physical therapy I was in terrible pain and was being told I may need surgery to correct the problem. When I shared my goal with you of wanting to become pain free and to avoid surgery, you encouraged me to believe that my goal was possible. I felt as if I had a “team” working with me and the main interest was to improve my health. Everyone has been so professional, courteous, caring, and helpful. I can see that you all really enjoy what you do and enjoy working with each other. This makes for a very pleasant atmosphere for your patients and it encouraged me to keep coming back until I was well. Just being greeted each visit with a smile and the question of, “how are you feeling today?” certainly let me know that you really do care about your patients. If I told you how much better I was feeling you actually got excited for me. So, that shows that you really do care, and I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

I saw my doctor this week for a six week follow up visit and he was very happy. He saw a great improvement and said that my choice of trying physical therapy before having surgery was a very good choice. He told me to keep doing the exercises you taught me and released me as a patient. This is a true success story and I could not be happier. I really can’t thank you enough for helping me to avoid having surgery. You are “all” so good at what you do and it is good to know that if I should ever need physical therapy again in the future I know you’ll be there for me. You all have such caring hearts and healing hands and I truly believe that the combination is what has helped me to achieve my goal. I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know. This will be my last visit today with you and I’ll miss seeing you. I wanted to bring you this small gesture of appreciation, so I hope you enjoy it. Thank you again for everything you have done for me.

Gratefully yours,


My neurosurgeon recommended physical therapy in an attempt to prevent back surgery. I chose CARE Physical Therapy and was evaluated on the MEDX spinal machine. My evaluation showed that my range-of-motion was very limited and my trunk strength was worse. After 8 weeks of very inclusive rehabilitation, my range-of-motion is normal, my strength is above average, and my pain is gone. I won’t be having surgery and I give the credit to my friends at CARE Physical Therapy.


CARE Physical Therapy has the most compassionate group of employees I have ever encountered in a healthcare facility. The “care” they provided was outstanding. Two months after my total knee replacement, I was still receiving home health and very limited with the use of my right leg. I was referred to CARE for 6 weeks of outpatient Physical Therapy. I would never have been able to come this far after surgery without their help. I am now walking much better and plan to return to the tennis courts.


I completed physical therapy at CARE in Hattiesburg for shoulder tendonitis. I really enjoyed how I never had to sit and wait in a waiting room. The friendly staff was always ready for me. I was comforted how the staff showed true concern about my progress on every visit. Billy Cochran always adjusted my treatment based on my feedback. I highly recommend this facility.


CARE Physical Therapy in Hattiesburg is a beautiful new facility. I was impressed by the computerized equipment, aquatic therapy pool, and the Direct TV in the treatment rooms. But more important was the hands on treatment and the caring attitude of Billy Cochran and the staff. If your doctor recommends physical therapy, request CARE Physical Therapy.


Brian Cochran, PT and the staff of CARE Physical Therapy in Covington are the best. I was always greeted by name with a smile. His aquatic therapy program had my back feeling better within weeks. The pool was warm felt great to my 61 year-old joints. My treatment was 3 times per week for 4 weeks. I now walk better, have less pain, and am more active. Thank you CARE.

Physical Therapy!


I have used CARE Physical therapy in Bogalusa Louisiana for 4 separate conditions since they opened in 2001. Billy Cochran helped my back in 2001 after a lifting injury. In 2003 he worked on my neck after a car accident. In 2005, Brian Cochran helped my frozen shoulder. Most recently, Jay Schultz provided rehabilitation on my knee after arthroscopic surgery. I am walking great. I hope that I am finished with physical therapy. But if my doctor prescribes PT in the future, I will insist on the team at CARE Physical Therapy.


I was referred to CARE Physical Therapy in Hattiesburg after a car accident. I was diagnosed with whiplash and suffered with severe muscle spasms. After reducing my pain and spasms with moist heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and massage, I was put on the computerized MedX machine for strengthening. After 6 weeks of treatment, my neck strength was above average. Their billing department even held my bill until settlement. I am grateful for the care at CARE Physical Therapy.

I was referred to CARE Physical Therapy by my physician after a sports-related back injury. As an endurance athlete, I really benefited from electrical stimulation/ultrasound combo as well as aggressive massage techniques. After 3 weeks of this and intense core strengthening, my back is in better shape than prior to my injury. I feel that it has enhanced my performance. I would recommend CARE Physical Therapy to highly trained athletes or even the weekend warrior.